This type of disease occurs due to uncountable types of germs besides many types of alcohol, chemical medicines and poisonous elements.

Hepatitis occurs due to many causes-

  1. Hepatitis- “A” (Infectious hepatitis)
  2. Hepatitis- “B” ( Serum hepatitis)
  3. Hepatitis- “D”
  4. Hepatitis- “C”
  5. Non – “A”, Non- “B” Hepatitis.

Hepatitis- “A” (Infectious hepatitis)-

        This disease occurs because of a germ named hepatitis “A” in the form of epidemic or in stray form. This germ spreads by the mouth and stool. It increases by the dirt, crowd, decay or polluted food and polluted water. It is light disease in children and youths of which symptoms are anorexia, anxiety, depression, nausea, dysentery, fever and shivering. In the last, it occurs in from of jaundice. The liver remains unaffected in the jaundice. This disease disappears soon after the proper treatment.

Hepatitis- “B” (Serum hepatitis)-

        This disease occurs because of the germ named hepatitis “B” and it spread by the blood. Its germs are present in the saliva, sperm count and hemorrhage. A woman, who suffers from this disease, transmits at the time of delivery. There is 90 % fear to spread Hepatitis –“B” in the child. This disease takes birth due to sexual intercourse too. It is also found in homosexual and persons, who take intoxicant substances in enough quantity. Germs of this disease remain in the body for many years. If a person of this disease is not treated, it can generate cancer and psoriasis of the liver. The person, who has germ of hepatitis “B”, can suffer from psoriasis.  

Hepatitis- “D”-

        Germ Hepatitis “D” spread because of defected germ named R. N. A. This germ generates swelling in the liver with the infection of hepatitis “B”. In science language, the germ of R. N. A. spread with the germ of hepatitis “B” and it increases the hepatitis “B”, which is present in the old form or generates liver swelling (Hepatitis).

Hepatitis “C”-

        This type of liver swelling (hepatitis) spreads due to germ named hepatitis “C”, which is alone, helpless, R. N. A. germ. It is ninety percent responsible for the swelling that comes when the blood is supplied in the body. Its circulation is found in less quantity in the sexual and mother-child and relations. Only liver swelling is limited to the patients of hepatitis “C”. This disease stays for 6-7 days. This is a normal disease, so no symptom of it appears.

Non – “A”, Non- “B” Hepatitis-

        Hepatitis is such type of disease in which hepatitis “A” and hepatitis “B” can be found, but it resemblances much to hepatitis “B” and bleeding is the main source of spreading it. Diseases like psoriasis and cancer can occur in the liver because of spreading this germ.

Yoga treatment for hepatitis-

        Do the practice of yoga activity and follow the rules of yoga for the treatment of liver. The practice of light yoga activities should be done to cure hepatitis in the beginning.

        First, the patient should take rest for about two months in this disease. In addition to, the practice of yoga nidra asana should be done. Take the juice of papaya and fruits in enough quantity. Do not take such substances, which increase swelling. The patient should not take meat, spices, oil, ghee and butter. After two months of following these rules, do the practice of yoga to cure hepatitis-

Shatikriya             -     Do the practice of vastra dhouti and kunjal

Yoga activity for the health of the chest and stomach-


Do the practice of surya namaskara, paschimothan asana, trikona asana, shanshaka asana and matasya asana.


Do the practice of bhastrika, surya bhedi and nari shodhana pranayama.


Mudra and bandha

Do the practice of yoga mudra and uddiyana bandh

Practice time


Do the practice of yoga activity for 30 minutes regularly.

Preksha (Mind meditation)

While doing breathing activity in sitting position of asana, imagine lotus flower of yellow color in anahata chakra situated near the heart.

Anupreksha (Mind thoughts)

After sitting in meditation asana, think in the mind that the swelling of my liver is disappearing; clean vitality air is coming in my body, all the dirt is coming out from my body with the air of breath and my liver is becoming clean. Think such type of feeling in the mind.


Take light and boiled vegetables. keep clean around you and take clean food and fresh seasonable fruits, vegetables soup etc.


Do not take oil, ghee, spices, meat, wine and other substances. Abstain from the market or stale food.