Daily health tips :

Massage breast after applying betel juice on this part and after that foment on the part consequently, removes swelling and purifies the milk of the breast.

Boil 65 basil leaves and 8 black peppers with 250 ml water and filter it properly after that mix milk and sugar in it. Taking it like tea is useful to cure fever and catarrh.

Blood disorders caused by bile are ended by taking cooked vegetable of banana fruits

Give 20 to 40 ml banana juice to the patient twic a day to end blood disorders caused by bile

Mix sugar-candy in one glass juice of ripe apple and drink in the morning regularly. Its use provides relief in chronic cough.

Make the powder by grinding dried flowers of mango (dry flowers under the shadow) and mix sugar-candy in it. After that, take one spoon this mixture with milk regularly to make sperm thick.