Health Tips

Health tips of the day :

1. Eating enough quantity of raw fruit of mango causes anorexia, typhoid, blood disorders and constipation, and the eye diseases.

2. If someone suffers from indigestion after eating mango, he should take 2-3 pieces of black berry in this condition. Black berry contains good power to digest mango. Ground dry ginger and one pinch rock salt can be used instead of black berry.

3. The patient, who suffers from liver disorders and leprosy, should not take mango.

1. आम के कच्चे फलों को अधिक खाने से मंदाग्नि, विषमज्वर (टायफाइड), रक्तविकार, कब्ज एवं नेत्ररोग उत्पन्न होते हैं।

2. आम के खाने के बाद पाचन सम्बन्धी शिकायत होने पर, दो-तीन जामुन खा लें। जामुन में आम को पचाने की तीव्र शक्ति होती है। जामुन उपलब्ध न होने पर, चुटकी भर नमक और सौंठ पीसकर खा लें।

3. यकृत और जलोदर के रोगी को आम नहीं खाना चाहिए।

Mix two cups of milk and forth cup juice henn's leaves to gether. Take it reggular before two hours of meal, it provides relief in epilepsy.

Rub been pod on the warts of the nose properly then put this pod in the water. As the pod of bean starts to decay as the warts will disappear.

Boil 65 basil leaves and 8 black peppers with 250 ml water and filter it properly after that mix milk and sugar in it. Taking it like tea is useful to cure fever and catarrh.

Make the powder by grinding dried flowers of mango (dry flowers under the shadow) and mix sugar-candy in it. After that, take one spoon this mixture with milk regularly to make sperm thick.