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 There are many medicines used in ayurveda to cure many types of diseases. Ayurveda treatment system is most powerful that can cure all the types of diseases.  Homeopathic medicines are made by expert pharmacies using a watchful process of succussion and dilution.
Homeopathy drugs are useful in many practical and pathological disorders. Many types of home Medicines are used in Naturopathy to cure the diseases. Many types of diseases can be cured in naturopathy.
 Many types of diseases can be cured in space therapy in india. Water therapy is a very usefule treatment system to cure some comon diseases.  Sun rays are used in chromo therapy to cure the diseases.
Fire is used to cure the diseases in fire therapy. Diet is very essential for the humen being to live  We can practice of any asana in his room, but the room should be airy, neat and clean.
 Mudras are done in this way while dancing that whole sense (feeling) comes into the mind.  Much importance has been given to meditation (dhyan) in yoga granthas and it comes on seventh place in all eight parts of yoga.  To be beautiful is the dream of all women since the centuries.
 Today, by Acupressure, many doctors and experts treat even serious disease successfully with ease.  All the people should have right and adequate knowledge about sex so that a person may get full pleasure through sex and pass a happy married life. Chemically, the human body is the organized and functional forms of different types of bio-chemicals.