Author describes parenting's contradictions

A high-profile feminist and founder of the website, Jessica Valenti is also married and the mother of a two-year-old. Valenti, 33, of Boston, spoke with USA TODAY's Sharon Jayson about her new book Why Have Kids?, which focuses on the disconnect between expectations of parenting as pure joy versus the day-to-day reality, which isn't so easy. She raises some provocative questions, including whether to parent at all.
Q: In the book, you say that "Five times as many parenting advice books were published in 1997 as were in 1975. An industry built itself around a nation of parental worriers." You have a new parenting book. Aren't you part of this industry now?

A: I hope I'm not part of that industry. I'm kind of considering it an anti-parenting book. I am not doling out parenting advice. I'm not trying to make anyone worry about anything. My hope is that it will open up a conversation and ask questions about this framework