Treatment by Acacia

1. For sexual power: Fry the gum of acacia tree with ghee and make pudding (Halwa) of this mixture. Sexual power enhances by eating this pudding.
2. Stomachache: Take the juice of the bark of acacia tree mixing with curd. Its use provides relief in stomachache and stops loose motions.
3. Guineaworms: Grind the seeds of acacia tree and mix cow urine in it. Apply this mixture on the stomach. Its use gets rid of stomachache.
4. Ringworms: Mix exuviae of snake with the gum of acacia tree and make a bandage. Tie this bandage on ringworms to get relief.
5. Anorexia: Mix rock salt with the pickle of soft pods of acacia tree. Eat it regularly to increases appetite and digestion power.