Treatment by Almond

1. Anuria and dysuria: Soak 5 almond kernels in water and then peel them. Mix 7 small cardamoms and sugar-candy (According to taste) with these kernels. Grind this mixture and dissolve in one glass of water. Taking this mixture twice a day provides relief.
2. Chicken pox: Immerse 5 almond kernels in water overnight and then take them in the morning. Chicken pox holes heal quickly by its use.
3. Dry cough: Sucking almond kernels keeps the throat wet and cures dry cough.
4. Constipation: Extract 15 ml oil from the almonds and mix in one glass milk. Drinking this milk regularly for some days breaks constipation and eliminates stomach gas.
5. Weakness: Soak almond kernels seeds in water overnight and peel them. Munching these seeds with butter regularly enhances body strength.