Treatment by Barley

1. Loose motions: Taking gruel of barley and kidney bean is useful to prevent diarrhea and inflammation of the intestines.

2. Asthma and breathing problems: Grind 6 grams barley ash with 6 grams sugar candy and take it with lukewarm water twice a day, it cures asthma and ends breathing problems.

3. Sunstroke: Applying a paste of barley-flour on the body is useful to get relief in sunstroke.

4. Rheumatism: Mix sugar and barley-flour together there after prepare sweetmeats from it. Taking these sweetmeats is useful to cure rheumatism, pain and swelling.

5. Jaundice: Take parched gram (sattu) of barley and drink one glass of sugarcane juice upon it; it will cure jaundice within 4-5 days.