Treatment by Basil leaves

1. Hiccup: Taking 2 spoons juice of basil leaves with 1 spoon honey thrice a day is useful to prevent hiccup.
2. Ears pain: Heat the juice of basil leaves and after that mix some camphor in it. Dripping 2-3 drops this mixture in the ears provides relief from ears pain.
3. Ringworm:  Applying juice of basil leaves on the affected part cures ringworm.
4. Vomiting:  Mix juice of basil leaves with honey and lick it, it cures vomiting.
5. Cold and catarrh: Mix equal quantity of basil leaves juice, ginger juice and honey together. Taking one spoon this mixture 3-4 times in a day is useful to get relief in cold, catarrh and cough.